The Ancient Egyptian Art Experience At The Brooklyn Museum

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The exhibit has many different planned programs, these programs consist of tours and group visits, Seton Hall class visits, and a series of lectures about the ancient Egyptian art, and an artist talk. Besides, one-day painting and drawing workshop for the kids. In details, The Walsh gallery staff has a great relationship with the Ivy Hill school very close to the campus. The gallery has set up a program with the school to interact with the students called “Make the Walsh gallery part of your school year”. As a part of this program, the Walsh gallery will organize a school group tour for the Ivy Hill school students to encourage them to view, learn, think, share their idea about the objects on display. This tour arranged according to New…show more content…
On the other hand, the main challenge of this exhibition is to target another particular segment of the audience off campus representing in the community members in South Orange Village, Newark and the other closer neighborhoods in Essex County. Additionally, the exhibition seeks to attract the other graduate and undergraduate students and faculty members of the other art history and museum studies students in the other school nearby in New Jersey. One of the other target audience is the scholars who are interested in the ancient Egyptian art as one of the art history. Our Exhibtion also look up to attract the families and their kids to visit the show through one-day program created for them. PUBLIC RELATIONS The exhibition will be publicized through many different ways to achieve a highly standards of promotion for the exhibition. The public relation will promote the exhibition online whether through the Seton Hall University official website, Walsh Gallery website, and Walsh Gallery Facebook page. The press release will be distributed in advance before the opening of the exhibition online on the Walsh Gallery website and the other online press release distribution sites like PRWeb and contacting journalists

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