The Ancient Game Go?

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26 February 2017
The Ancient Game-Go Games have always been part of the social part of life right from the start till now, be it games played by children and those played by adults. Different kinds of games have constantly been invented in different societies, arising from certain cultural perspectives and philosophies. Games have as well as evolved over years as the level of intelligence rises. Board games such as chess are a section of games mostly played indoors and by adults. About three hundred decades ago among the Chinese community was a game by the name Go. It was a famous game among the Asian community especially the Chinese, Japanese and the Koreans. Each of
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As the game became popular, however, the lower in the society could play it as well from the little knowledge they would acquire daily. Some of the professionals would even offer classes to those interested in learning Go. The game had a certain influence in the societies where it was played as it represented aspects surrounding the people involved. It was believed that it ensured discrimination in the society did not prevail at all costs and that is why the game was free to both genders and while it started as a game for the rich, the rich made an effort for those in the lower class to get a glimpse of what it involved. On the issue of equality, explains that Go brings out the two players as equal when the game starts. The two, however, are to fight to occupy the biggest territory. This ensured the players were equipped with the heart of wanting to be the best and fighting hard towards it without losing hope. They were to do this by making sure the steps towards that success were systematically and ideally planned for the best results. This brings out the society as one with a strong will for what they really want. Ogle explains that Go, being a board game, also depicts the societies as those who know how to keep the issues going around to themselves and waiting for the best time to bring them up and either solve, implement or work on. This is seen where the players do not just show their winning stones stone
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