The Ancient Greek Myth Of Creusa And Ion

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“Creusa and Ion” by Euripides is an ancient Greek myth about Creusa’s efforts to find her son, Ion. The myth is set in Delphi and follows Creusa, an Athenian princess, and Ion, a temple slave in Delphi. The main conflict is Creusa’s journey to find her son, Ion. Creusa was raped by Apollo himself long before and Creusa had left her son in a cave to die but surprisingly, she went back to find him and he wasn’t there. Creusa and her husband, Xuthus wished to have a son and Xuthus sent Creusa to pray for one. When Creusa goes to the temple to pray for a son, she meets Ion. In the end, Creusa and Ion have been given a blessing by Athena and Ion is worthy of ruling Athens. The major theme of this myth is that gods may not be all that they seem;
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