The Ancient Greeks And Ancient Hebrews

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HIS 120 The history of the ancient Greeks and ancient Hebrews is very interesting. The two groups had very different beliefs concerning higher powers and what kind of gods they trusted in. The Hebrews believed in one God who ruled over them and controlled everything. The Greeks believed in multiple gods each ruling their own area of life. Fighting was a very prevalent activity for both of these groups, as it still is for many groups today. However, the reasons for fighting and violence were very different for the Hebrews and Greeks. This can be explained by comparing texts such as The Iliad and the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, which tell many battle stories of the Greeks and Hebrews. To start off, we must talk about the ancient Greeks. As…show more content…
It is essential to see that this wrath was truly a result of the actions of a god. The gods played a large role in the Iliad. The gods were always quarreling with each other. Each god picked a side for whom they wanted to win the war between the Greeks and Trojans. Zeus moved back and forth between sides, depending on what the other gods convinced him of. There was a section between books 12 and 16 which said that Hera seduced Zeus to divert his attention from the Greek’s success. But Zeus awoke and helped the Trojans advance on the Greeks. This nagging and fighting between gods occurs throughout the entire war. Each god wants to get what they want. This is turn causes the mortals to do the same. The actual warriors fought for their own reasons. They did not fight for their gods, but for themselves. They fought for honor, glory, praise, and riches. Hector, the king of Priam and main Trojan warrior, said he would much rather die in battle than escape to safety. Why is this? He did not want to be shamed. It was a much more honorable thing to die fighting than to run off and live with your family. This was the case for every soldier in these battles. Everyone wanted honor and glory and praise for themselves. They did not care about anyone else. They fought each other without mercy just so they could be the best. These powerful warriors were not commanded by anyone to go out and fight one another. They did it because they wanted honor and glory from others.
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