The Ancient Inventions Of The Future

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The Ancient inventions of the future Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers of the ancient world. His teachings inspired young philosophers to go and explore the world. In addition, His Knowledge even influenced boundless minds like Plato, who help make gigantic pushes in geometry. Or Aristotle, who mad giant leaps in astronomy (also made a theory that the earth was round in about 384 B. C.). therefore, a new era of philosophy was inaugurated and the course of western civilization was decisively shaped. Modern mathematics, Medicine, and cartography was all modernized during this age of philosophy. Without the Greeks, present ideals and the way we live our life would not be the same. So it is important that we know what the Greeks invented and their power over our civilization.
First of all, the use the same form of democracy that we use in America. They decided that a dictator would have too much control and power. So they got a cabinet of over 500 people for democratic voting. They voted on taxes all the way up to executions. It worked a lot like our jury system, with people randomly chosen to serve. As it was said by Scott J. Cooper; “Demokratia, Greek for “power of the people,” was born in Athens in the 7th century BC. As the city-state’s oligarchy exploited citizens and created economic, political and social problems, Athenians were inspired by the successful, semi-democratic model Sparta had adopted. They turned to lawmaker Solon, who tried to help the
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