The Ancient Olympics

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Most people know that the Olympics were started in Greece and that there must be at least one difference between the ancient Olympics and the more recent Olympics.But contrary to common belief the olympics have significally changed from when they first began ,not only has the meaning of the events changed but the athletes able to participate. One story says that the games were started by Herakles (Roman Hercules) and Alceme. There are other known records of who began the games. The first known written record of the games is in 776 B.C. ,but it is believed that they originated earlier.(D) During the games fighting in Greece would cease so the games could be held. The games were ende in394 A.D. because Christian Emperor Theodosius I declared them pagan traditions.(C) The name Olympics is derived from Olympia the place where the games were held. Olympia is part of the western side Peloponnese. Pelops , to whom the land is named, is also said to be the founder of the games. Olympia is composed of shrines, sporting facilities, and temples. Olympia was used as a political and religious meeting center since the 10th century B.C. The center of Olympia was mainly composed of a to Zeus (Roman Jove or Jupiter) and a temple to Hera (Roman Juno) parallel.(A) The city was mostly covered by temples because the games acknowledged the Greek gods. The most important temple was the one devoted to Zeus , the ruler of the Greek gods. The written records from 776 B.C. show that the first
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