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You walk into your college classroom for the first time, and in the front of the room stands a stuffy, scary professor who looks up down the rows with a sadistic glint in his eye. You gulp as you take a seat in the back, intimidated by this man’s academic aura. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit; many of the professors I know are the nicest people around, but sometimes they may seem like this otherworldly spectre who singlehandedly has the ability to make or break your GPA. Obviously, if you feel this way about your professor, then communicating with him or her may pose as a fear factor task. While the following advice is geared more to email communication, feel free to apply some of it to face to face conversations as well. 1. Pose the email as a letter to a person of power. Essentially, you are writing to your boss. If your current profession is labeled as student, your professor is your boss and your grade is your compensation. Therefore, you must talk to your professor as you would a professional. Maybe even consider thinking about writing to the president when constructing your email. As it is a letter, include the appropriate heading. This is not a text to your pal. 2. Address them appropriately. If your professor has a doctorate, definitely remember to address them as Doctor. Nothing is more insulting to a person who spent numerous years in an institution of higher learning getting their PhD than if he or she is not referred to as Dr. Speaking of insulting,
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