The And A Dark And Dark Skin

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Jaywalking in a hoodie and a dark skin and you could provoke six bullets straight to the head especially if it is right next to a recently robbed convenience store in Missouri. That is what happened in Ferguson as a result of a gruesome episode of police brutality and injustice. Perhaps the only injustice in this world is the deceptive consciousness with which we convince ourselves that we are infallible. Perhaps it is the very imperfection that contorts every aspect of our lives. That is the irony of life. No matter how much we strive for perfection, there is always residue of imperfection in whatever we do. This nation has made tremendous advancements in civil rights and personal freedoms unparalleled anywhere on this planet but even in the seemingly utopian state of morality in which we currently live, we often encounter certain injustices that remind us that there is so much more to be accomplished in order to perfect justice and to further equality. What was a normal occurrence of injustice in the past has become now worthy of headlines and televised scrutiny. Although extremely reduced by the recent liberal trends in all of Western societies, police brutality is still a societal vice that is nourished by innate racism which the law facilitates through measures that tend to target certain races and minorities.
While police brutality is so bluntly unjust to the normal human eye, it is protected to some degrees by the very legal system that is ostensibly made to ensure
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