The And Beauty Of The Young Lady By Edward Hopper

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The painting of which the meaning will be derived is Summertime by Edward Hopper, created in 1943. In this year is when the employment rate in the United states went from 14.6 percent to 1.2 percent, due to all the new job positions that WW2 created. It was originally created with oil on canvas. Edward Hopper grew up in Nyack, N.Y., just up the Hudson from Manhattan. “Hopper once said that, as an artist, the only thing he ever aspired to do was to paint “sunlight on the side of a house,” and that, in essence, is all he did”. In Summertime, Edward Hopper uses color, shape, and lines to capture the ethereal situation of the street and beauty of the young lady creating a beautiful piece of art from a formalist philosophical position and from a post-structuralist philosophical position could vary in meanings. The first thing you notice in about the painting is a young woman standing in a 3/4 fourth position on the entrance of what looks like an apartment building while she looks to the horizon. A peculiar thing about the lady is the fact that the dress’ skirt is transparent and which was not a common trend among woman in the 1940’s. The setting of the picture is during day time, probably late in the afternoon because of the yellowish tones reflected on the windows. The overall felling when seeing the picture is a sense of serenity and peace, because it looks like not much is going on the street, it gives a sense of quietness. The selection of colors Hopper used for this

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