The And Brand Identity / Brand Image Subjects

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In this chapter you will be able to find fundamental literature review analysis on both COO and Brand Identity/Brand Image subjects. Every successful research should be started with analysis of central themes as this will act as a basis for whole study. Taking into account this thinking, first part of this literature review will be dedicated to analyses of core aspects Brand Identity/Brand Image and Country-of-Origin Effect. Here you will be able to find discussion of history, background research and key factors of both topics.

2.1.1 Brand Image/Brand identity
With the growth of world economy markets became flooded with competition, organisations started to understand the importance of building strong brands (Norjaya, 2007). Aaker (1996) said that well-known brands brought loads of advantages and allowed companies to establish their identity in the market. Brand equity is built on brand identity and brand image therefore it is important to study those 2 topics (which in my eyes are inseparable) fully. Brand Identi-ty is something what company is promoting and wanted to be seen, whereas Brand Image how the company wants to be seen, where the second one is the actual portrait of the compa-ny on consumers’ minds (Yastrow 2013; Keller, 2003; Kotler et al, 2009). Keller (2003) said that organisations are spending huge amount of money in order to bridge the gap between brand identity and brand image, essentially smaller gap would mean that consumers are be-lieving in brands core

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