The And Characteristics Of An Organization

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The paper is organized into seven sections. First, by defining what an organization is. Second, with a graph displaying a vision on organizational communication. Third, by defining the key parts that make up an organization. Fourth, by integrating the parts together through best practices. Fifth, by examining the nature and characteristics of an intelligent organization’s communication. Sixth, by identifying key strategies to meet the challenges in a technological workplace. In the final seventh section, by recommendations on how managers can apply this vision.

Envision of an Organization
Organizations are created to accomplish objectives. Organizations have goals that are dependent on forming groups to have these goals come alive. They
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Knowledge Management is an organization’s methodology of making their intellectual assets as fully functional, or effective as possible. This is a systematic approach organized to enhance understanding. It’s the managing of information in a way that provides an organization with a competitive advantage.
Information Systems can be summed in three words: technology, people, and process. Information Systems is a group of interrelated components that first start with the technology, which includes: hardware, software, and infrastructure. People are also included and they are the trained personnel. To put the system together would be the process, which includes combining the trained personnel to work together to support decision-making and provide a value to an organization.
Organizational Learning has two main parts. First, it is manifested by shared ideas in an organization. Then the shared ideas are developed into a common meaning by the organization. Organizations learn by the interaction in a collective setting.
A High Performance Team is a group of people that molds together their skills in order to strengthen performance results. The group members commit to a common purpose and are in line with one another to hold themselves accountable to the team’s performance.
Putting all of the Parts Together
How can organizational communication address the complex interaction of knowledge management, information systems, organizational learning, and high performance teams?
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