The And Chemical Kill Off Bacteria

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kground Research:

I will be experimenting how well different products, natural and chemical kill off bacteria. I’ll be testing different products such as Vinegar, Manuka honey, Ajax, tea tree oil and Dettol Hand Sanitizer. By testing the rate at which these products kill off bacteria I will be able to determine the most effective products and compare the differences between each products efficiency.

Vinegar: Vinegar has been efficiently tested in killing bacteria. An experiment done in February 201 found that Vinegar has a large effect on reducing Tuberculosis mycobacteria. Claudia Cortesia and Howard Takiff from Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Investigation in Caracas collaborated with Catherin Vilcheze and William Jacobs Jr. from Albert Einstein Collage of medicine in New York in testing TB strains of bacteria’s reaction to 6% solution of acetic acid. They found that “ exposure to 6% acetic acid, just slightly more concentrated then supermarket vinegar, for 30 minutes, reduced the number of TB mycobacteria from around 100 million to undetectable levels.” (Cortesia, Vilcheze and Bernut)

Manuka Honey: honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is what gives it its antibiotic quality however some Manuka honeys have a unusual non- peroxide type of antibacterial activity, Manuka Honey with the non-peroxide characteristic is known as ‘Active Manuka Honey.’ Manuka honey without the non-peroxide characteristic get their antibacterial properties from Hydrogen Peroxide. “ The
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