The And Childhood Environment Defines A Person

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I believe one’s upbringings and childhood environment defines a person. In addition, I believe one’s life experience forms one’s sexual orientation as well as biological factors. I have been very sheltered in life and was not expose to a lot of things. For example, I don’t remember seeing gay people as a child. However, I do remember my parents talking about gay people, but whenever I asked what gay meant, my parents refused to answer. Therefore, I didn’t really know there was an option other than heterosexual. I question how exactly not knowing about homosexuality has played a role in my own sexual orientation; On one hand, I believe by not being exposed that led me to be heterosexual, and on the other hand, I believe I just don’t have the biological factors of a homosexual person. I do not know what makes me heterosexual and other homosexual. Furthermore, I don’t truly remember having an aha-moment about my sexual orientation, mainly because I haven’t truly had any relationships with people in general. However, it was very clear I liked guys beginning in high school—I fan-girled at every friend my brother brought home. I do find it strange that it took me until high school to actually want a relationship. I don’t know if this is due to being sheltered and told not to have a relationship until after twenty-five or if I developed later. I distinctly remember friends asking me why I didn’t fangirl at guys in gym class in middle school. Instinctively, the very next moment, I
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