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Courage and Christianity Christianity is one of the worlds most recognizable religions today. With every major religion, a struggle has to be overcome in order to be successful. Over a period of hundreds of years, Christianity spread through the Roman empire. The spreading of Christianity was not an easy task but a terrifying task that took the brave to conquer. Although several powerful rulers were important in spreading Christianity in Ancient Rome, it would not have taken root if not for its appeal among the slaves and the lower class.
Jesus, a Jewish prophet and teacher, taught during the reign of Augustus that he was the son of God. Jesus message told that he was sent into the world to deliver the people from their sins. Jesus’s disciples spreaded his word and helped him gain many followers. “Many disciples believed that a final judgement day was near at hand, on which God would reward the righteous with immortality and condemn sinners into everlasting hell,” (Guisepi 1). The thought of eternal paradise in Heaven gave especially the poor hope. People who were living in poverty and slavery could only dream of a life filled with relaxation and luxury. Jesus gave everyone faith that whoever believes in him would be rewarded with eternal paradise in Heaven. As Jesus followers grew, Jewish officials became filled with rage. Jesus claimed to be the the son of God, a claim they thought to be blasphemy. Jesus associated with the poor who were considered sinners. Many
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