The And Clarke 's Theory Of The Criminal Justice System

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The Whites family is a crime-bred family from West Virginia, Boone County. This family struggles with addictions to alcohol and drugs, is in and out of prison and jail, and also depends on illegal means to get what they want and need. These all lead to separate facets of the criminal justice system allowing for separate theories to set in to the families. I choose Cornish and Clarke’s rational choice theory, general strain theory, and Sutherland’s differential association theory. Cornish and Clarke begin the lead in allowing for work on why offenders enjoyed committing crimes to be accepted. Following Katz used this again to explain in more depth why offenders feel the need to commit crimes. They have found differing factors in females and males; generally males lack self-control and empathy. Females are more influenced by the morality of the crime. Generally either sex their peers will play a large role in the deciding factors. “This framework emphasizes all the important factors that go into a person’s decision to engage or not engage in a particular act” (p.54). This family in all aspects shows the intent and decision making on multiple occasions to commit crimes, the one when one white family member shot his uncle in the face shows a clear decision to engage in multiple acts of illegal activity. He was under the influence of drugs and already around peers who encouraged bad behavior, and with low self-control it was a bad mix with a worse ending. He had stole his uncles

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