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Of particular interest, and a perfect piece to fit the genre, with two holes on both sides, and grommets encircling the cutouts, is a white shift dress. While this dress is not what one would call wearable, it certainly makes a statement, and one that Courrèges made well. Sensible women probably would not have worn this dress due to the cutout placement unless they were in favor of foregoing their undergarments. Courrèges utilized vinyl, pvc, leather, and an aggregate of burnished materials in order to create his vision which supplemented his modern, futuristic vision. His cloth of choice was gabardine, wool, and tweed. His background in architecture lent to his attention to detail and his dedication to construction. While André Courrèges was gaining the praises of the masses, other designers were forging ahead on the same path. Paco Rabanne also gained his fashion footing at Balenciaga, however he also worked for Dior and Givenchy. Perhaps fashion was in his blood considering his mother was previously the lead seamstress at Balenciaga. With his first manifesto collection, 12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials, it was obvious that Rabanne was not an conventional designer, nor was he quick to fade into the background and dissolve into fashion history. In a world where men had dominance and women were contending for even a meager slice of that, Rabanne was a savior of sorts. He once stated that, “The woman of tomorrow will be efficacious, seductive and

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