The And Consumption Of Skin Lighteners By Evelyn Nakano Glenn

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Alycia McCardell
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I am from a low income, impoverished, and “minority” majority area. I am an inner city kid. I am from a simple parent household, and many other children around me were also. Because of our impoverished surroundings and the race we identify with, unless we are what society deems as “smart”, most of us inner city kids are doomed to a life of many struggles. Our race and social class becomes our jail cell.
In Yearning for Lightness: Transnational Circuits in the Marketing and Consumption of Skin Lighteners, Evelyn Nakano Glenn examines how western civilization has dominated the world through the notion of skin color. All over the world lighter, whiter, skin is seen as a way to “raise one’s status” whether it is in the work place or in finding a potential life mate. This is mostly seen in women in the continents of Africa and Asia and in Latin America, where the women are hit with the double whammy of being a women, which is seen as less competent, and not being white, which is not being beautiful and not being competent. Because seems that Caucasian majority countries are more well off and there are more successful and established Caucasians throughout the world than any other race, being more like a Caucasian seems to mean that you get privileges similar to them called “light-skinned privilege”. Based on the ideals, most of those in my neighborhood could never be successful because we aren’t visually appealing and we aren’t as competent…

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