The And Corporate Governance Structures Within National Sporting Organisations

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Governance is a vital element of the effective management of a sport organisation. In recent times there has been a need for organisations to adapt to a modern governance structure to suit the strategic direction of the organisation to obtain a competitive advantage. This essay analyses the federated and corporate governance structures within national sporting organisations and assess the governance of the Australian Rugby Union, Cricket Australia and Hocky Australia. According to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) (2004) governance is defined as ‘the structures and processes used by an organization to develop its strategic goals and direction, monitor its performance against these goals and ensure that its Board acts in the best interests of the members’. Key aspects of governance involves how an organisation develops strategic goals, how a Board monitors performance to achieve the goals and ensuring a Board acts in the best interest of its members. The strategic role and performance of Boards is a well-known and common weakness in sport organisations in Australia. (Yeh, 2008). Ineffective governance in Australian sporting organisations not only impacts the sport and the organisation but also undermines confidence in the Australian sports industry as an entirety. Most National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) operate under a federated governance. A federated governance structure is characterised by state member associations who each have their own Board of directors

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