The And Dark House - Original Writing

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Ryan and I enter the dim and dark house, which makes it apparent that the girls are still out. Struggling to hold my inner elation of the job being complete, I have no choice but to wait until Dana gets back. “I’m gonna quickly run upstairs,” I tell Ryan, so I can grab the money we now owe him. “Cool. You got any beers in the fridge?” He asks. “Yeah, I think Amy got some the other day. Grab me one,” I reply. “Alright,” Ryan’s voice fades into the background as I pace upstairs. Now in the bedroom, I shut the door quietly behind me and head to the bed, there I kneel down and grab the sizable gym bag full of our remaining money. With the lid now flipped over, the bundles of cash halts my thought pattern for a moment. How much do we owe him again? I think to myself. It isn’t long before the sum appears in my head, $15,000. Fighting the grudge of such a large amount of money, I take the right amount of cash out of the bag and rest it on the floor next to me. Zipping the led, I tuck the bag back securely under the bed and give it a gentle pat. As I kneel up off the carpet, the fifteen-grand stares back at me, causing annoyance to fester deep in the pits of my stomach. I suck in a deep breath and remind myself of the entire situation. Without Ryan, this job would not have happened, period. Today marks the end of dealing with both Fabian and Ryan, which is something I sure as hell am looking forward to! Not wanting to waste too much time, I grab the money and begin to make my way

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