The And Effects On Society And The Economy Of The Country Essay

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I. Introduction
Liberia is a country rich in natural resources but is one of the poorest countries in Africa. In this paper, I will explain the causes of this poverty, such as poor governance and corruption and the effects on society and the economy of the country. Corruption is rampant in African countries and beneficial to only the private sector, yet this country has not been able to successfully stop it and improve its structure. The government is the backbone of the country. It is supposed to benefit its citizens, protect human rights and serve the communities, however the governments in Liberia has not. This has caused rampant poverty, instability and healthcare issues.
II. Literature Review To better understand these issues, it’s important to contextualize this within the body of other scholarly works on the subject. Below are five summaries of articles regarding the subject of the Liberian governance. These articles examine the causes of the strife in Liberia and the effects on the countries’ citizens.
The first article is Understanding the Economic Effects of the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa by Amadou Sy and Amy Copley discusses the economic effects of the ebola outbreak in west African countries. “In addition to the enormous and tragic loss of human life, the Ebola epidemic is having devastating effects on these West African economies in a variety of essential sectors by halting trade, hurting agriculture and scaring investors.” To halt the spread of the
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