The And Emergency Medical Situations

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and emergency medical situations
3. Threats – threats are identified as man-made because of their human intent element. Norman identifies the five threat groups as (2010,p.115):
1) Terrorists- Classes I, II, III, IV, V.
2) Economic Criminals – Transnational Criminal Organizations, Organized Crime, Sophisticated Economic Criminals, Unsophisticated economic Criminals & Street Criminals.
3) Nonterrorist Violent Criminals – Workplace Violence Threat actors, Angry Visitors, Sexual Criminals, Mugging/ Parking Lot Violence, Civil Disorder Event Violence & Deranged Persons.
4) Subversives – Cause- Oriented Subversives, Political and Industrial Spies, Saboteurs, Cults/ Dedicated Activist Groups, Hackers, Invasion of Privacy Threat Actors & Persistent Rule Violators.
5) Petty Criminals – Vandals, Pickpockets, Prostitutes, Pimps, and Panderers & Disturbance Causers.

In today’s culture, college campuses can face any number of risk, but for the purpose of this paper, I will be looking at what I believe to be the most probable, or there is a high probability level. Probability is defined as (Fisher & Green, 2004, p.139),” Probability is a mathematical statement concerning the possibility of an event occurring.” As stated, natural disasters are considered Acts of God, so they can be unpredictable and must be taking into consideration, especially for those universities located near shorelines ( flooding & hurricanes), and earthquake and tornado zones. Secondly, technological and

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