The And Fast Paced Procedures Of A Hospital

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the hectic and fast paced procedures of a hospital. Besides that, it is less costly to have a patient at a hospice than at a hospital. On the other hand, hospitals do not provide their services based on life expectancy, but in need. At hospitals, patients can still have hope of being cured of their illness as opposed to being at a hospice because just being there means you will die soon. Hospitals guarantee 24/7 medical attention, has high-technology equipment and is fast-faced.
There are important drawbacks to consider before putting a loved one in hospices and hospitals. Hospices do not encourage hospitalizing one of their patients or any treatment that might prolong life since the reason why people are placed in hospices is because a doctor has determined that they have a low life expectancy. Hospitals have a different mindset. Their intention is to prolong life and get their patients out of the hospital feeling great about their health. Therefore, the implication of the word hospice is very different to hospital. Although hospices provide useful services, they are not concerned about treating illnesses and try to save human lives. Hospices eliminate hope that hospitals might provide through technology, medications, and tests. However, the hospital bills tend to be an issue for many. Besides medical care being expensive, there are times in which hospitals can treat patients to prolong their lives, but not cure them. When this occurs, the bills and debt with the hospitals
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