The And Flow Of Ideas About God And Religion Throughout The Life Of Marjane Satrapi

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The ebb and flow of ideas about God and religion throughout the life of Marjane Satrapi, the author of the autobiographical novel Persepolis, is made very clear in her novel. As she is introduced to new thoughts and experiences, her ideas change. When her parents expose her to their communist ideas begins to value her relationship with god less. When things return back to normal she returns. It is not until a series of fairly traumatic events that she drifts completely away. Satrapi uses Illustrations of her and God as a metaphor for her current relationship with God. Later she uses her actions and words to depict this relationship. At the beginning of the book, Satrapi is very religious, but as she is gradually exposed to more and more western, secular, ideas, her relationship with God begins to disintegrate. This is apparent in how she depicts herself and God. In the beginning, Marjane begins by saying that she wanted to be a prophet and her relationship with God is good; She is in gods arms and they talk to each other. Satrapi uses this imagery as a metaphor for Marjane’s closeness with God. She begins to ignore god after she has started to read western, secular, ideas.(Satrapi 14) After that, God does not come to her. This is a new experience for her. In the beginning of the book, Marjane is told at school that the Shah was chosen by God, and she then relays this information to her dad (Satrapi 19). Until this point, no one has told her how the Shah was chosen. So,

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