The And Gay Williams On Euthanasia

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Alexa Chavez
Professor Rogerson
PHI 2600
28 April 2015
Rachels Vs Gay Williams on Euthanasia
By definition, “Euthanasia” refers to the act of taking an individual’s life deliberately to terminate their pain and suffering. It entails killing persons who are struggling with ailments and suffering from severe pain as a result of chronic diseases such as cancer and physical injuries. It also encourages someone to intentionally take his or her life and commit suicide. Two philosophers named James Rachels and J. Gay-Williams hold two very opposing arguments on euthanasia. James Rachels was born on May 30, 1941 in Columbus, Georgia and died on September 5, 2003 in Birmingham, Alabama from cancer. J. Gay-Williams is a pseudonym for Ronald Munson.
According to Rachels (248), a proponent of euthanasia, states the act is justified if death is the only way out of one’s awful pain. On the other hand, Gay Williams (353), an opponent of euthanasia, views it as immoral to take someone’s life before his or her own natural death time reaches. Medically, euthanasia can be acceptable for those patients that are extremely suffering and their doctors have no idea on what to do to help a patient whose condition is only worsening. Often, it is administered on consultation with the family members of the patient in question. However, health practitioners are held within the bounds of professionalism where they are made to understand sanctity of life. Doctors are not supposed to decide the future of

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