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Within the Western theistic tradition, the Christian God is conceived as a mysterious, supreme deity that is the only being worth of worship because He is “something than which nothing greater can be conceived” (Anslem 1033-1109). This God is the great architect of the universe whom represents the depth and complexities of human experiences. Such mystery is why writing about God is essentially writing about the complexities of human beings. This inconceivably complex God was researched in numerous biblical books within both the Old and New Testament over the lapse of this fall semester. Interpreting these books of the Bible aroused a plethora of questions such as what is God like and how is God portrayed to others according to these books?…show more content…
This is why understanding God is not a simple task. In order to delineate Him, His attributes can describe Him. Christianity organizes the attributes of God so that they are easier to understand. Amongst all the Bible’s depictions of God’s attributes, the three characteristics of God that are essential to further understand Him describe God as omnipotent, merciful, and as a leader. Christians understand and believe that God possesses qualities of omnipotence as the sole creator and ruler of the universe. God is believed to have all the power for the benefit of mankind and can create anything out of nothing. God demonstrates characteristics of such omnipotent power throughout the Old Testament by the nature of His creations and His word in the scriptures. In the book of Genesis 1:1 - 31, God created the heavens, the earth, and mankind in his own image. These biblical passages are a direct indication that He is truly capable of doing anything because the religious standard of the goodness of creation was possible since everything good came from Him. God’s Word in the Scripture is exemplified in Exodus with a special revelation when He appears in front of Moses in the form of a burning bush. God told him to lead the Israelites, His people, out of enslavement in Egypt to the promised land. When the Egyptian Pharaoh refused to obey, Moses through the power of God releases 10 plagues upon the land of Egypt that finally liberates the Israelites. God’s Words were so powerful
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