The And Heat And Humidity Essay

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1979 Parris Island, June, July, August and the blanket of sand flea 's heat and humidity.

I could say the humidity and heat were not very pleasant especially combined with the work involved in being a recruit in the Marine Corps at Parris Island in June, July and August. But the heat and humidity combined with the day to day intimate relationship shared with the noble sand flea was far worse at times, lol, them bastards certainly did not help. I would bet the noble sand flea has caused countless recruits to call it quits, I could not doubt that as I have been partially eaten by them myself. The DI 's used to say that you will leave so much sweat in the ground at Parris Island that you will always own part of it. They forgot to mention the flesh the sand fleas took from us.

Although the heat and humidity did not hamper my ability to hang, it was extremely uncomfortable at times to say the least. Being flea bitten, yelled at and tortured in the pit, the grass, the mud, the beach or in the barracks on the quarter-deck did not help the situation either. I did not find it bad enough to hinder me in doing what I was told to do. But, there were a few times it was so intense that unless you were there, you would not believe how hot, humid and flea ridden Parris Island really was. There were many things I was told in the Marine Corps, and to my horror they were true.

As far as summer at Parris Island goes, in the morning was sometimes the worst. Standing in PT formation
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