The And How Much We Spend On It

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Ihrig, Timothy. “What We Can Do to Die Well” TED. TED, September 2013. Wed, 6 October 2016
In this talk he discusses healthcare in America and how much we spend on it. He also talks about people’s experiences in healthcare and their quality of life from when they are diagnosed with a terminal illness to their death. Timothy Ihrig speaks about his experiences dealing with people going through the healthcare system and how they can improve their quality of life. He tells many stories about patients that he has treated with a different approach to medicine. In his approach, he connects with the person, he asks them what they want to do. This talk was very moving, and it really opened my eyes to what people go through when dealing with illnesses and healthcare in this country. He talks about healthcare spending and brings up very interesting statistics that could be used in an essay about healthcare in America. He also talks about people’s quality of life and how not putting them through all of the invasive procedures could have a positive impact of their final days. He is very knowledgeable and has a tony of experience in this topic and is overall a very good resource for anybody writing a paper about this sort of thing.
O’reilly, Matthew. ““Am I Dying?” The Honest Answer” TED. TED, July 2014. Web, 6 October 2016.
Matthew talks about how much he has to deal with death in his line of work and how different people react to being told the news that they are going…
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