The And Internal Audit Of Public Sector Essay

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1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Over the last several decades, Information Technology has developed from simple data input systems to complex Information Management systems that support managerial decision with relevant, reliable and timely information. This evolution has been characterized as a shift from automated system performing only accounting functions (payroll, accounts payable, general ledger etc.) to Information system that perform enterprise wide tasks that include accounting and auditing (Lotto, 2014). To be in line with these developments, internal auditors especially those working with the Public Sector where governance is a key concern should be conversant with IT audit tools and techniques and put them into practice. It is from this perspective that I was prompted to carry out a study on how this development have been put into practice by the Tanzania Internal Auditors in Public Sector (the career and industry from where am employed). 1.2 Problem Statement Literature review provide some insight that, there are several issues in IT and Internal Audit that need to be addressed and answers provided. In this study the research problems are; 1. Despite the fact that IT can bring about a number of benefits such as increased level of assurance, these have not much been realized. 2. No enough Internal Auditors know actually how to apply current audit technology in an efficient and effective way. 3. No specific guidelines are available to ensure that IT best
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