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1 . Definition of teamworking and its advantages and disadvantages. Teamwork is performing work by a team who wants to achieve a common goal and together as efficiently as possible perform actions that will allow him to achieve this goal. Teamwork advantages: -greater efficiency team -action effect synergy -more energy and lighter work -shared desire to achieve -shared responsibility for the task -better communication by increasing the flow of information and ideas -better opportunity to share tasks -faster response to competition and innovation change -the ability to take responsibility for something bigger -less painful feeling of defeat -you can learn to count with another opinion -the impact of discussion teamwork goes beyond individual opinions Teamwork disadvantages: -time consuming - time is needed to build and develop team -more time needed to make a decision or solve the problem -no individual responsibility for errors -in the teams whose members possess a high degree of individualism, there may be rivalries and conflicts -criticism -failure to comply with the rules established by the team -there is risk of not having satisfaction with the given duties 2.Functions of teamworking and different types of team. The function of a team is to subordinate individual goals for the common good. Each team member has one specific responsibility which , when collectively executed , accomplishes a task , goal that could not be achieved by a single individual .

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