The And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Everyone has their own understanding of “normality” and of what their daily life consists of. When you wake up in the morning you expect to hear the loud annoying sound of an alarm clock and maybe use a toaster or an oven to cook your breakfast prior to going about your daily routine. Like the smartphone many people are so reliant on to perform various tasks throughout the day such as sending messages and doing simple calculations, the appliances you use in your daily routine all rely on electrical energy to operate. All of the matter around you is made up of atoms and these atoms are all composed of protons, neutrons, and elections. The protons and neutrons both have an electrical charge; protons having a positive charge and electrons having a negative charge. Despite both protons and neutrons having charges not every object is considered “charged” because usually there will be an equal number of protons and electrons creating a electrically neutral charge. Only when there is an unbalance between the two is the object considered “charged”. Electricity is considered a “field force” because it creates lines around it known as a field with varying strength. Another type of field force that is seen daily is called magnetism. Magnetic fields are different from electric fields in many ways. Although both types of fields are interconnected, they do different things. Magnetic fields are areas where an object has a magnetic force regardless of what other objects are present. These

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