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Everyone has their own understanding of “normality” and of what their daily life consists of. When you wake up in the morning you expect to hear the loud annoying sound of an alarm clock and maybe use a toaster or an oven to cook your breakfast prior to going about your daily routine. Like the smartphone many people are so reliant on to perform various tasks throughout the day such as sending messages and doing simple calculations, the appliances you use in your daily routine all rely on electrical energy to operate. All of the matter around you is made up of atoms and these atoms are all composed of protons, neutrons, and elections. The protons and neutrons both have an electrical charge; protons having a positive charge and electrons…show more content…
Much like electric fields, the magnetic field of an object can attract or push away another magnetic object.
When an object is placed within a magnetic field the effect will happen along the field lines. Magnetic field lines are the strongest at an object 's magnetic poles and it 's at these poles where the field lines begin and end. The earth itself is like a large magnet, having a core made up of molten iron causes the earth to have a large magnetic field. The two poles of the earth (north and south) are where our planet 's field lines begin and end. Despite the poles being labeled north and south based on location the magnetic north is at the south pole and the magnetic south is located at the north pole. This large magnetic field protects the Earth from space radiation and particles. Contrary to popular belief the magnetic field strength of an object is based on the material that the object is made of and not the mass of the object.
Previously scientists believed magnetism and electricity were two separate forces but in 1820 Hans Christian Orsted observed that when he turned on a battery that had electric current flowing a compass needle moves away from north. This experiment showed him that electric current flowing through a wire produces a magnetic field. The direction of a magnetic field depends on the direction of the electric current and in a similar way a change in a magnetic field
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