The And Its Effect On Society

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Throughout the ages, the centuries that have passed, there have always been those that have suffered in silence or amidst the pity of others, and there has always been the question of whether the suffering makes us stronger as a person and leads to success, or damages us and we never truly recover. It is true, we are all different, stigmas affect us in various ways and can either aid us or hinder us; however, one thing that unites us is our courage, our belief, and our will, the will that will either make us or break us. Strength, it can be more than brute force, it is more than brute force, it is also courage and determination; when those are extinguished, I fear strength has died and in its place is spawned a type of pestilence, a strength known as pessimistic strength, a cavern in which all of the defeated gather and dwell on their failures. Being pessimistic is the effortless way out, it is the path that is lined without light and without success; being optimistic is the stronger way out, it is the path that is lined without darkness and without fear of failing; optimism often times brings with it failure, but those who are strong know that failure is a necessary part of success, those who are strong know that success requires never giving in to pessimism, and they know, above all, that success comes because failure has first graced them and they never gave up, no matter what the circumstance. There have been many who have suffered and found success, one such example is
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