The And Its Effect On The People Of Colberia

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PharmaCare definitely has no respect or value for the people of Colberia, and they are destroying the environment. The indigenous people live in abject poverty with no drinking water or electricity while executives of PharmaCare live in luxury compounds with golf course, tennis court and swimming pool. a) The action of PharmaCare will not be ethical in accordance with Utilitarianism Theory. “According to the principle of Utilitarianism, the right way to behave in a given situation is to choose the alternative that is likely to produce the greatest overall good” (Halbert/Ingulli 2012). Based on this principle we must compare the harms and benefits of our action not just for the decider, but also for all who will be affected by the decision. Therefore, PharmaCare action is not compliant with the Utilitarianism principles, as they do not care about the indigenous people working for them. b) Deontology principle says that “ A person should not lie, even when lying seems to produce a good result” (Halbert/Ingulli 2012). Based on this theory PharmaCare is not ethical. They lie about their initiative by using the slogan we care about your health while supporting the PAC to block any environmental protection laws and regulations. They preach one thing and doing something that is contrary to what they preach. c) Virtue Ethics is developed through training, by being repeatedly exposed to demonstrations of decent behavior within families and communities. According to (Halbert/Ingulli
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