The And Its Effects On Patients With Depression

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upsetting because he believed he had a serious illness and it was nothing to be ashamed of (Wolpert, 2001). Although something is said unintentionally a person with an illness will not know that and will take it in a different way. These can lead to a person feeling like they and/or their illness is not taken seriously or not being validated. Most likely this can lead to an individual not wanting to seek treatment because they have constantly heard their disorder is not a real concern as well as not wanting to seek treatment. Going back to Wolpert and his case, the stigma he had faced from his wife; convinced him that his depression was purely biological, he believed it was all his fault he was depressed (Wolpert, 2001). All this in turn is like a domino effect; one thing can affect another, and another, and so on. Generally, not seeking treatment is a root cause of elevated symptoms of a particular illness. Especially in patients with depression, it can make a person who already has depression have elevated symptoms and can often times lead to drastic life choices by the individual. Even seeking treatment is sometimes stigmatized, especially when it comes to taking medication and counseling. Medication is a tricky form of treatment for the reason that it will not cure an individual but stabilize their symptoms. For example, patients with depression will take anti-depressants but they are not meant to make the disorder or symptoms disappear, but instead stabilize the
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