The And Its Effects On Society Essay

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These women have a historical past of having been sexually abused by law enforcement or military employees; furthermore, they might have been mutilated or observed the people they loved mutilated before their eyes (Hollander, 2013). These refugees arrive defenselessness, and this impacts their ability to defend themselves through communication (Hollander, 2013). Immigrants are confronted with a deep type of fear in reaction to the bizarre rituals of their new host culture (Hollander, 2013). The symbols that represent the ideals of an individual’s individuality; in comparison, these immigrants are used to a collective society. Immigrants are overwhelmed with survivor’s remorse for having escaped and protected themselves (Hollander, 2013).
These refugees frequently confront symptoms, which include bewilderment, misperception, severe self-distrust, nightmares, sleeplessness, attention span, depression, suspicion and detachment (Hollander, 2013). Linguistics is an important area in which uncertainty about immigration is expanded; consequently, remorse about fleeing their countries is represented through an incapability to absorb the dialect of the host nation since it characterized by a rejection of the native tongue (Hollander, 2013). Language in the counseling situation develops as a manifestation of faith and hope in the healing association (Hollander, 2013). As the United States (US) political wellbeing battles to repair a damaged immigration arrangement, teenage migrants,
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