The And Its Effects On The Environment

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When people hear the phrase “car exhaust” they think of the smoke that emits from their car’s tailpipe. The smoke could be adding to the slow death of our planet due to the fact that the exhaust is a dangerous soup of chemicals. I will showcase the three main threats directly linked to the chemicals in these fumes and their effects on the environment. Additionally, I will cover how the United States Government has reacted to these threats through regulations and other initiatives. Before addressing the chemicals, I need to explain gasoline’s link to them. In general terms, Gasoline is a mix of hydrocarbons that is burned to create energy to run the internal combustion engine. When the hydrocarbons are heated during the combustion process their structures change to create new chemicals. Many of these chemicals combine with oxygen and end up in the atmosphere. The largest emission and possible the most dangerous of the emissions is carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide or more commonly referred to by its atomic structure CO2, in the correct amounts, is vital to life on Earth. All mammals, fish, and fowl produce CO2 with every breath as part of the normal breathing process. Plants process or consume CO2 as part of the photosynthesis process and produce oxygen. Life simply wouldn 't function without CO2. The problem is the amount of CO2 being created is significantly greater than what the plant life can process. C02 is known as a greenhouse gas this specific type of gas is how
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