The And Its Effects On The World

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Humanity could never forget the day when they had eagerly opened the doors that sealed away a fatal creature we refer to as Evie. Evie could basically transform into any creature she chose, and used her powers to manipulate humans, or so told in the stories. Evie became the mother of the first three Crunchers, who spread their children to their respective realm. A Cruncher is a beautiful yet terrifying mixture of multiple creatures. Whether you run into a puppy-cat or a bear-shark, you will be considered dead. Ever since the calamity, what left of humanity that survived formed three groups that created their own haven and army to fend off the Crunchers, each named after Evie’s first three children. The Hydrus search the seas, the Corvus patrol the skies, and my faction, the Lupus, defended the lands. The only thing we know about Crunchers is that they ignore all other life and seem to target humans. They do not hunt for us for food since we have been safe behind our kingdom’s walls for sixty-four years now and are still spotted in top condition. They tend to kidnap people one by one, taking some innocent person home with them. Not one of the hundreds of people that go missing have ever been found. The only animals that are harmless to us are the common birds, squirrels, and pet in the cities, though the elderly who have survived the calamity live in fear of them. I have never let these stories scare or bother me before, but today was my sixteenth birthday and I
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