The And Its Effects On The World

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Chapter 1
By : Joseph Hanson
Lots of people when they hear activists they don’t usually think of teenagers. They usually think of Martin Luther King Jr. or John Lennon. But lots of kids in the world are doing more help to the world than an average adult. They go out in the world and try to fix what they think is something that shouldn’t be happening like killing elephants for their tusks or killing lions for sport. Some kids are recycling e-waste to make new computers and electronics. Even 5 year-old kids are trying keep the earth healthy. ...
Celia Ho Yen-kei, is the name of a famous teen activists who has the campaign to save elephants. She is supported by 58 organisations and 26 schools in Kenya, Uganda, India, Cambodia and the United States. She has been interviewed by many people including a National Geographic article and BBC. The way she gets out all the attention and stops killing elephants for their tusks is first to spread awareness to ivory consumers and reduce ivory demand, Especially in China. Second, she wants to educate young people about illegal ivory trade. And lastly wants to spread international attention to 40 other organizations. She also was able to meet a famous basketball player named Yao Ming. Christian Pilard, Founder and President of Eco-Sys Action says that, "Celia meeting Yao Ming would send a powerful message that children are serious about saving elephants and other species. ( “National” )
Although people have tried to…
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