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Chapter 1 By : Joseph Hanson Lots of people when they hear activists they don’t usually think of teenagers. They usually think of Martin Luther King Jr. or John Lennon. But lots of kids in the world are doing more help to the world than an average adult. They go out in the world and try to fix what they think is something that shouldn’t be happening like killing elephants for their tusks or killing lions for sport. Some kids are recycling e-waste to make new computers and electronics. Even 5 year-old kids are trying keep the earth healthy. ... Celia Ho Yen-kei, is the name of a famous teen activists who has the campaign to save elephants. She is supported by 58 organisations and 26 schools in Kenya, Uganda, India, Cambodia and the…show more content…
The poachers sell the ivory of the tusks to markets all over the world and supply the market for religious objects. At this rate, scientists say elephants will likely become extinct by 2020. ( “” ) Chapter 2 7 year old Merit Leighton and 5 year old Marlowe Peyton are just 2 of many children watching the Oprah’s Earth day show about what plastic pollution is doing to the oceans. Oprah talks about how if you take all the plastic in the Pacific ocean, it would be a mass double the size of Texas. The two heard that one line, they said, "That actually exists on my planet? What can we do? Someone has to do something. We have to tell kids all around the world so they can help." After that, the two girls and the mom started Plastic Patrol. Their purpose is to, “help kids clean up the planet by themselves." At first it was just picking plastic wrappers, making webisodes on making crafts out of recycled plastic, and raising money to help ocean pollution with the sales of the crafts. A couple years later they have made a website on how to stay green and keep oceans clean. By day, they spend hours cleaning out the plastic in and on beaches and parks. By night they research effects of trash and teach kids their age the terrible things
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