The And Its Effects On The World

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Forever cloudy in Tokyo. Asthma riddled children in New York. Marine life suffering in the oceans. Polar ice caps melting into nothing. Trees being cut down left and right. The way that humans sustain themselves in today’s day and age is not practical, nor environmentally safe. The lifestyle that this race leads will eventually make the planet unlivable and will bring about the Earth’s demise. According to the Kathryn Senior PhD, both natural gas and oil will be completely depleted within the next fifty to seventy-five years (Senior). These harmful resources are monumental contributors to the ever-present and dangerous matter of climate change. Climate change, partially due to all the horrid and detrimental energy sources that humans so recklessly use, is increasing in severity quite rapidly. One way that the deterioration of our atmosphere and ultimately the annihilation of Earth itself can be halted or at least impeded is though the transition from harmful, toxic ways of obtaining energy to more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives. Some believe that one such alternative is nuclear energy. Though many individuals believe that nuclear energy is “up and coming” and may be the future of our energy sources, one must look at the big picture. Do the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to this form of energy? Or more specifically to this scenario, do the cons outweigh the pros? When broaching this subject, one will notice that there are many dangerous downfalls…
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