The And Its Impact On Modern Society

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The entirety of the story was written from the perspective of the “surrounding farmers” from Animal Farm. When the computers were created, the scientists wanted to use them as a tool to contain knowledge. However, they overthrow the initial leaders and dominates the government which parallels to the expulsion of Chiang Kai-Shek from mainland China. Although the initial leader is not physically active in the story, they are presented throughout some of the major events demonstrating their opinions on the issue and what they would have done in similar situations. For instance, in frame eight the machines decided to improve their system of governance to one that involves human morality and consciousness as complete demolition of human…show more content…
The human in the Animal Farm are the initial leaders in the story while the pigs are the computers. In the Animal Farm, the surrounding farmers: Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Fredrick viewed the animals as a threat to their authority which corresponds to the scenario where the initial leader malfunctions the computers to regain power. Additionally, the human and the pigs eventually unified and agreed to recognize the existence of one another. Although trading was viewed a “human-like behaviour” the farm traded with the human to improve their economical wealth. Which is similar to the fact that although the Communist party and the Nationalist party were opposed to each other, they “reunified” under the 1992 consensus for economical purposes. The two opposite forces in Animal Farm, Chinese History and the the story we created fought against each other for authority. Nevertheless, they concluded in a mixed government system where ideologies from both systems were combined into one.

Our group’s reverse allegory comic features the computers as the new leaders of the society. We chose the computers as an allegory for Communism due to the fact that technology, in many people’s opinion, is the new hope for human race to prevent or find a solution for our world’s most critical crises. Communism also provided hope in both China and the Soviet Union in 1966 and 1917 respectively. Before Mao gained control of China, there was a century of
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