The And Its Role For Preventing Juvenile Delinquency And Violence

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Literature Review
Several studies have been done to show that males raised in single parent homes without a father are more subject to being incarcerated. The articles that were reviewed show that economic and absent- fathers are major contributors to males being incarcerated. Careful analyses of juvenile court cases in the United States, shows that economic conditions rather than family composition influenced children’s delinquency.(Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice (2001)) (Chilton and Markle, 1972).
Absent Fathers
One of the most prominent findings concerning the importance of fathering and its role in preventing juvenile delinquency and violence was first disclosed by evidence in a cross-cultural study, which was gathered by anthropologists and comparative psychologists. Psychologist Henry Biller (1993) explained this finding with the following statement: Males who are father deprived early in life are likely to engage later in rigidly over compensatory masculine behaviors. The incidence of crimes against property and people, including child abuse and family violence, is relatively high in societies where the rearing of young children is considered to be an exclusively female endeavor. (p. 1 Biller 1993)
The loss of fathers is detrimental to the maturational process of individual children and deleterious for the maturation of the country itself (Ancona 1998). Research that implicates the father in the etiology of delinquency is not as abundant, but ranges from general
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