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“Liberty and Justice for all” is an infamous American value that is broadcast to the whole world. However, for many women immigrants who come to America in search of fair and just working conditions, this is not what they find. Farm workers are often undocumented immigrant women. These workers are being sexually abused constantly, but there is no “liberty or justice” for these women. Rape in the Fields, the HBO documentary, shows the horrible situation these women are in and how powerless and vulnerable they are as a result. It also mentions where they can turn for help if they have the courage to speak out.
In the hierarchy of all labor, undocumented immigrant women who work in the fields are on the bottom rung. Immigrant women farm workers have absolutely zero relative power. They have so many things working against them to take away this power. Like we have talked about in class, a hierarchy still exists between women and men. On this level, the men who are supervising and the farm owners (often men) are already ahead on the power spectrum. In all there are many different levels that one could discuss when addressing the lack of power that the women workers face. However, I find that there are three main levels, and the schism of power between men and women is the first. The two other levels are the power balances between workers and owners and the lack of power that the women have because they are undocumented.
The document discussed both relationships. The relative…

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