The And La Vraie Histoire De L ' Enfant Martyre

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The early 20th Century was a time with a lot of changes and emergence of ideas. The story of Aurore is an important part of the culture in the province of Quebec . Her tragedy has been published in magazines such as le Soleil de Québec and La Presse , theater pieces were made and movies. The book La Vraie Histoire de l’Enfant Martyre is a brilliant use of fiction to describe the history of a young child at the beginning of the 20th century. Throughout the book, the author well defined the historical period, the place, the differences between genders and the importance of religion. The prolific author, André Mathieu, was born in Saint-Honoré-De-Shenley in Beauce in 1942 . The author studied in secondary school at the Collège de Saint-Raymond and he went at the École normale de Sherbrooke for two years . At the beginning of his career, he was a teacher and a trader and later he became a full-time writer . He always had published his own books, overall he wrote 65 novels . His novel about Aurore, published in 1990, was adapted to cinema in 2005 by the filmmaker Luc Dionne . The movie was a success in the province of Quebec, more than 700 000 people went in theaters to see it . André Mathieu was not really involved on the social medias like Twitter and Facebook; he did not have any of it. He died later in 2009 . The novel describes the historical period along the story of Aurore, a young child. All events are in chronological order and at the beginning of pretty much every

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