The And Long Term Career Development

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It is imperative to understand yourself in your career development. No matter what your career stage, it is essential to assess your personal goals, interpersonal skills, strengths, weaknesses and desires to keep your career development on the same track as your personality and happiness. For instance, a person might find their income potential of importance while others might find that is prioritizing work-life stability. Deciding what is essential in your short and long-term career development goals. It 's essential to understand yourself so you can find a career path that is enjoyable and satisfying. Therefore, this brings me to the Jung Typology Seal Assessments, which I took to help understand my preferred activities, work styles, ways in which I learn best, and ways in which I work greatest with others. My results said that I have an ISFJ personality. My scores were Introvert (56%), Sensing (31%), Feeling (16%), and Judging (44%). The assessment stated that ISFJs frequently find themselves in occupations that either involves a lot of dealings with other people and require thoroughness and persistence. They work in organizations of various sizes and industries, where as a rule they work with people. Very often ISFJs recognize their potential in healthcare (nurse, patient care, and medical services, as well as administrative jobs) and several community care organizations. I do agree with some of the Jung Typology Seal assessments. I agree with being an introvert
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