The And Maintenance Of Spouse After Divorce

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“Aliment or maintenance of an ex-spouse after divorce” Chosen Jurisdiction: Texas Part A – Research Methodology In order to ensure I explored all avenues of research techniques to ensure I gathered information efficiently and effectively, I began by making a list of all approaches I could examine. My first step through following this approach was to delve into the examples of good work that are displayed on My Place. After this, I re-read my lecture notes and the lecture slides posted on My Place in order to note the useful web-links to access and to obtain further research ideas. My next step was to commence my research in the law library, where I aimed to make myself more knowledgeable about the Scottish legislation that governs the…show more content…
I also tried the method of emailing a lawyer from a website I had accessed in the hope of gaining more information but this returned no reply. Finally, to complete my research on Scots law, I accessed a website which went into considerable detail on the grounds on which the scots law legislation is based which I found to enhance my research considerably. Deciding on a comparative jurisdiction was something that I spent longer contemplating. The importance of choosing a jurisdiction with a suitable and applicable amount of information was my priority in this stage. I began with considering a variety of jurisdictions by commencing an internet search through Google. Firstly, I searched ‘ex-spousal maintenance in Canada’. Although the results propagated were astounding, they mainly consisted of news articles without many links to primary sources that would help enhance my research and knowledge. I then tried searching ‘aliment in Canada’ on WestLaw in the ‘legislation’ section which produced no results. After I had realised that this search would not prove to be fruitful, I carried out a search with regards to ‘spousal maintenance in South Africa’ through Yahoo. This returned little links and information. I then went back to the law library and attempted to carry out a search there. Little relevant information was found through this method, although it provided some interesting articles. Through my previous research, common articles
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