The And Menstrual Cycle Disturbance

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Hirustism and Menstrual Cycle Disturbance Due To Dietary Supplements In Punjab Ayesha Akram, Amna Shabbir, Anum Naz Government College University Faisalabad Abstract:
The purpose of this study is to check the prevalence of hirsutism and menstrual cycle disturbances due to diet especially egg, yoghurt, milk and chicken. For this purpose 35 diseased patients and 35 normal patients are studied in different areas of Punjab. All patients are taking dietary products and are suffering from these problems. The feed used in poultry may be reason of these disturbances. Different steroidal and hormonal injections are used in poultry are causing these problems.
The basic aim of this research is following:
• To check the prevalence of hirsutism.
• Know about hormones that are mainly involved in hirsutism.
• Know about that causes that leading towards the hirsutism.
• Causes that disturb the normal menstrual cycle.
• Effect of dairy products on the hirsutism and menstrual cycle.
Keywords: Antibiotics, Hirsutism, Hormones, Menstrual cycle, Roxarsone.
Hirustism is male like characteristics in females i.e. excessive hair growth .It occurs mostly in teen age girls or adolescent girls more. Hirustism has different severity grades like mild, moderate and severe. Production of male hormone in female in more quantity causes this disease. Broiler in diet enhances the risk of this disease
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