The And Metaphysical Idea Of Human Rights

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Now that we have somewhat familiarized ourselves as to the foreign concept of what human rights can be described as, let us attempt to conceptually define this impalpable and metaphysical idea of human rights. Human rights are defined by one’s own personal truth: many people, especially those who lean more toward the right, can see them as something that is dispensable; something to interchange constantly when convenient and for those whom they feel are more deserving of the luxuries that come with it; I mean no disrespect by this, however I personally fail to see why a underdeveloped fetus, whom often is not much more than a blob of human cells cultivating has more of a right to life than say, a little boy whose family came here illegally for a better life and are then turned away, and essentially left for dead, and how a poor starving family is told that they are not worth a nominal tax raise and how though that fetus might be forced to stay alive against the mother’s will and right to choice because of shortcuts in state policy, her medical bill will not be paid for nor free universally, or how a child of war torn country who has never been able to afford childhood, is dismissed, discriminated against and seen as a terrorist, or how children working in sweatshops for less than a dollar across seas could be seen as by a party supporting ‘family values’ as morally acceptable, or even how thousands civilians can be innocently killed in a war over greed for oil companies

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