The And Modern Hippocratic Oaths

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1. My initial reaction while reading both the ancient and modern Hippocratic oaths was ‘Is this really necessary?’ The Hippocratic oath in my opinion states knowledge, which all doctors must abide by as a human. It seems redundant for there to be a document expressing moral principles that are taught to most. In the documentary Doctors’ Diaries it shows an instructor explaining that the greatest thing they can do as doctors is to “Do no harm.” However, as I continued to read the articles provided it made sense to have the Hippocratic and other such oaths as a barometer for doctors. Although all doctors may not follow the oaths, they provide structure for doctors of all specialties and can always revisit for guidance within their practice. The oaths are moral compasses, and comparable to other oaths different professions such as lawyers and the president would take. I found very interesting that the only oath to briefly refer to the treatment of people is the Declaration of Geneva. I think it is important, if the oath is said, to contain material that focuses on race, political affiliations, religion, and social standing. As I stated before it may seem obvious to contain this information, nonetheless reminds doctors of what they are not allowed to do in their profession. Response to Kim Kim, I agree doctors should never be permitted to take the lives of others, no one should. However, my interpretation to the text was different. What I deduced from the reading was

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