The And Nature Vs. Nurture Debate Essay

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Contrasting Culture “[The] capacity for disgust, like all natural capacities, can be built on culture.” (Appiah 54) Are identities constructed because of surroundings, or are they molded based on one’s own individual thoughts and actions? This is the ultimate question; a variation of the nature vs. nurture debate. One can make the assumption that a person is molded by what he or she sees around him happening in the world, or by reading and learning from past events. In CORE this semester, we read plenty of books, all with the common theme of identity. Throughout all three units there were better examples of identity, and there were not so good examples of identity. However, another common theme is an individual’s identity getting compromised by what he or she is exposed to on a daily basis. A person builds his idea of himself based off of what he sees around him. As sad as this fact is, very few people are not influenced by outside sources. One of the biggest influencers today is social media. Now, some may say that social media is not considered culture. However, most of people living in the world today have some form of social media. In It’s Complicated a book by Danah Boyd discusses the use of social media and the effects that it has on young people today. The book covers a wide variety of different topics in the realm of social media and focuses a lot on how teens and young adults interact with each other through social media. It goes into detail on the societal

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