The And New England Colonies

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Everyone has an external force that motivates them in some way that allows them to be able to go about their everyday lives and fulfill their ambitions. Within the years of 1580 and 1763 this force took the form of God. Around this same time was when the Chesapeake and New England colonies were in the process of being founded. As a result, these two settlements did nothing without referencing their actions to God. Due to this heavy focus on God as the reason behind every aspect of their lives, chaos began to sprout soon after the settlers began settling and started living their new lives in the colonies. Since the colonist believed that God dictated their entire lives; they never felt that they were in the wrong. Not once did the colonists stop to think that they had no right to steal the natives’ land. If God had not smitten them, then they thought that God approved of what they were doing. In this case, the colonists were in the process of acquiring land that “the earth bringeth foorth all things in aboundance, as in the first creation, without toile or labour… the most plentifull, sweete, fruitfull, and wholesome [soil] of all the world” . The new land that the colonists wanted to take appeared similar to the Garden of Eden. Since they successfully made their voyage to the new land, it looked as if God allowed them to enter a land similar to one of his own. If God gave the colonists access to the land, then wouldn’t that mean that the colonists were entitled to the land
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