The And Of Islamic Civilization Essay

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There are many methodologies used by scholars to interpret and analyze Islamic civilization. A few of the different methodologies used by prominent religious scholars such as Carl Ernst and Fred Donner are the uses of a non-fundamentalist view and textual evidence to describe a broad view of Islamic civilization that speaks to non-Muslims and explains the concept of Islam better to the general readers in comparison to using archeological and religious texts to explain a specific time period of the Believers’ movement and how it was solely a religious movement, regardless of disputes by other scholars. Fundamentalists are those who believe in the literal translation of religious texts. Therefore, when Ernst says that he is going to use a non-fundamentalist view he means that he will not be biased while discussing Islamic civilization. However, Donner is trying to cancel out the ideas of those who say the Believer’s movement was hardly a religious one such as the statement “the movement that grew into what we know as Islam was produced almost without religious faith” from Ernest Renan, a prominent Islamic scholar (Fred Donner, xi). Through using archeological evidence and religious texts Donner aims to demonstrate the role religion had in the Believer’s movement. Their interpretations and methodologies used show how they use the same religious texts or archeological evidence but portray them using a different bases to frame their arguments. Thus, this paper will argue
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